Clearsite is a company invested in utility locates with technology and provider of a leading utility locator service. Our customers know and trust that vacuum excavation is the most effective method to safely and efficiently expose existing underground infrastructure – prior to advancing their projects.

For utility companies, engineering firms and construction companies, as well as environmental remediation firms, determining the presence, or absence of underground utilities dramatically reduces the chance of errors or incidents on a job site.

With literally miles of buried pipes, cables and wires, in towns and cities across America, the safety of your workers and the surrounding community are of greater concern today than ever before. Couple that with the cost of repairing damaged infrastructure lines, pipes and equipment, and clearing a job site of potential hazards is a big COST and TIME saver.

For most professional organizations, whether to dig first or not is rarely a consideration. In fact, it’s a legal requirement. The bigger question is however, what’s the best method? Hand digging is an option and safer than using bulky excavation equipment, but it’s still hazardous, slow and fails to eliminate 100% of the risk.

With Clearsite’s vacuum excavation rigs, customers experience the safest process and have the option of air or hydro capability – all on a single rig! So, regardless of your site requirements and scope of work, we provide you with a solution that maximizes safety and flexibility.

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Advance your projects safely and confidently with Clearsite!