Clearsite provides an underpinning excavations that enables the safe and efficient clearing and removal of soil around and under existing structural foundations.

Underpinning excavations is one of the most common construction methods utilized to shore-up or level building structures that require strengthening. There are several methods of underpinning. The choice of method typically depends on the condition of the supporting soil and the depth required to achieve a targeted weight bearing capacity.

The precision control of vacuum excavation, as compared to heavy construction excavation equipment,  makes it an ideal tool for the underpinning process. Vacuum excavation rigs can be parked a great distance from the compromised building structure. This minimizes weight near the structural foundation. Using highly-efficient hydro or air vacuum excavation techniques, soil is carefully removed in perfect coordination with the professionals performing the underpinning process.

Vacuum excavation also provides added levels of safety as it exposes any underground infrastructure, such as utilities, that may otherwise be damaged using bulky excavating equipment. Because underpinning is typically a corrective process, buildings are often in advanced development or already in use. This makes vacuum excavation even more important as it is far less disruption to the work area making the restoration of the site more efficient and cost effective.

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