Potholing, or daylighting, are terms often used interchangeably. Potholing for utilities using vacuum excavation is by far the safest construction process to achieve visual confirmation of underground infrastructure. Beyond utilities, any underground obstruction identified helps avoid potential risk and unnecessary cost to a project.

How it Works

Our field crews create test holes along a planned bore path to expose and determine the specific locations of underground infrastructure. The simple goal is to eliminate any risk of interference of the construction plan. This keeps the project moving forward efficiently and ensures the safety of all people on the jobsite, as well as pedestrians just outside of work areas. Working in coordination with our customers, our vacuum excavation services significantly increase your daily production – safely.

One Solution, Two Capabilities

We provide customers with both air and hydro excavation on each of our vacuum excavation rigs. This is highly advantageous in that it enables us to provide the most efficient process for a wide variety of site requirements. When soil, for example, will be used to backfill our test holes, air excavation keeps the excavated soil dry and ready for immediate use. Air is also the optimal choice when natural gas lines may be present as their insulation can be susceptible to deterioration from water. Air excavation is also the obvious call when water is not available, such as job sites in remote locations.

For different site characteristics or requirements, hydro excavation is ideal. It delivers precise digging with minimal disruption to the job site making site restoration fast and easy. It’s also more efficient on larger excavations and better in a variety of soil conditions such as clay or rocky soils.

Regardless of your need, Clearsite has the right equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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