Jet vac services, or sewer jetting, is the practice of using high-powered streams of water to efficiently clean and clear debris and gunk from a ducts, pipes, or drainage systems.

At Clearsite, we’re proud to offer vacuum excavation services to a variety of industries. We’re even prouder to announce that we’re adding jet vac services to our list! Our jet vac safety training, combined with our innovative trucks, will ensure that the job is completed safely and efficiently.

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Jet Vacs Services for Sewers & Industrial Pipe Cleaning

Our trucks are equipped with powerful jetting systems that uses high-pressure water jets with vacuum capabilities that are applicable for a variety of jobs. They’re highly effective at sewer and storm drain cleaning, with the pressure of the jet being able to dislodge sediment, grease, dirt and debris to not only loosen tough materials, but to completely clear the pipe or drain.

We also offer industrial pipe inspection services. Using our equipment and a CCTV camera, we can carefully inspect pipes to look for interior damage or issues that could worsen if not dealt with soon, leading you to avoid potential costly issues down the road.

Jet Vac Services for Numerous Industries

Our jet vac trucks can handle a variety of tasks for all industries, including municipal, government, construction, utility, manufacturing, and more. If you’re in need of high-powered cleaning methods for clearing out industrial pipes, tanks, trenches, pits and underground structures. we can help.

We can provide our professional hydro jet services for catch basin and storm drain cleaning, or industrial and municipal sewers, electrical underground duct cleaning.

The Benefits of Our Jet Vac Services

Jet vac services offer a variety of benefits. They’re highly efficient, they can clean effectively, they’ll improve operational safety, and ensure environmentally friendly cleaning practices. Our services can reduce potential damages and accidents while ensuring that your jetting needs are met.

Advance Confidently with Clearsite’s Jet Vac Services

Whether you need our jet vac truck services, or you need a full inspection and diagnostic of your piping system, Clearsite can help! Contact us and we can assess your needs and provide you with the right service.


Advance your projects safely and confidently with Clearsite!