Vacuum excavation provides the highest level of safety when creating fault repair pits to service underground utilities. Clearsite has deep experience in developing fault repair pits. Ask any professional about the difficulties and inefficiencies of hand digging underground utilities and you’ll quickly see why vacuum excavation is the clear choice.

Hand clearing Fault Repair Pits is slow work and a safe result is not guaranteed. Clearsite’s vacuum excavation equipment and experienced operators remove that risk while accelerating the fault repair pit process. In fact, vacuum excavation is five times faster than manual digging and far less disruptive on active sites. More importantly, it reduces the probability of damaging underground utilities located near the target repair zones saving valuable resources and improving overall safety for workers and others working in the area.

Vacuum excavation is no longer a luxury on a project site. It’s a best practices approach with measurable benefits from every perspective of project management. Let Clearsite create safer environments for your people to do their work. Complete projects faster without potential losses associated with damaged infrastructure near repair zones.

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