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Clearsite is a hydrovac and vacuum excavation company that provides safe dig services with our fleet of vacuum hydrovac trucks. We recognize that we need to complete our job safely and efficiently in order for you to advance yours. That understanding is what makes us a valued partner to our customers. Our experienced people, equipment and focus on safety is absolute and so is our commitment to you. Call a Clearsite professional today and advance your vacuum excavation project with a company you can trust.






Safety Is A Culture

Clearsite exists because of safety. We do what we do so that your people can advance their work safely and with great efficiency. Operating through a culture of Health & Safety ensures that the most valuable assets we have – our people, return home safely each and every day.

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Clearsite in the News


Clearsite Industrial (Clearsite) may be celebrating its one-year anniversary, but it’s no newcomer to the game. With offices in the eastern United States and headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey, Clearsite is a company of vacuum excavation innovators. Its leaders are nationally recognized subject matter experts and early adopters of the technology, which, although can be traced back over the last 30 years, is still relatively new in the United States.

With a large fleet and seasoned operators, Clearsite is focused on serving utilities, commercial contractors, nuclear facilities, transportation and rail, and the oil and gas industry up and down the East Coast. It has a robust commitment to its clients, which formally reads: “Clearsite is committed to providing clients with the best service at a competitive price. We make this commitment through our experience, extensive training and fulfilling our objective of attracting and retaining the most qualified personnel in the industry. Our dedication is to build lasting relationships with all our clients, to be part of the process until completion.”


A Solution for Every Need

Hydro Excavation

Watch a video of the hydro excavation process

When to use water

  • When you need precise digging with minimal disruption to the job site
  • Using water makes restoration faster and cleaner
  • Using water eliminates static electricity
  • Water is more effecient on larger excavation sites
  • Better in clay or rocky soils

Air Excavation

Learn more about our dry suction air excavation services

When to use air

  • When the backfill material is to be reused right away
  • Air is used on natural gas lines for inspection.  (Water can degrade pipe insulation)
  • When no water source is available (i.e. Remote locations)
  • Other client specified applications where water is not optimal