What is an FRF?

A Fuel Recovery Fee (FRF) is the term applied to an additional line item on our invoices used to pass along some of the variable fuel costs we incur to our customers in a fair and transparent way.

Why are we requiring an FRF on all invoices now?

Businesses across North America continue to see the price and volatility of fuel reach historic levels. As fuel costs have continued to escalate, our ability to absorb these price escalations in our base direct cost structure has proven to be untenable, therefore requiring that we charge the FRF on every invoice.

It has been, and remains, our focus to align our pricing with our customers’ needs while also remaining transparent and fair with required changes. As fuel pricing fluctuates, our approach is to share that pricing in an equitable manner with our customers, both as fuel costs go up and as fuel costs go down.

How are we calculating the FRF on our invoices?

Fuel recovery fees will be based on data available through the U.S. Energy Information Administration and Natural Resources Canada. These two indices are published and updated by the governments of both the United States and Canada and are widely recognized as trusted and publicly available sources of information.

How often will the FRF change?

The FRF will be calculated and updated on a weekly basis.

What happens when the cost of fuel goes down?

Because the FRF is calculated based on the U.S. Energy Information Administration and Natural Resources Canada indices, it will adjust to align with current fuel rates. If the cost of fuel goes down, so will the FRF, and vice versa.

View a summary of FRF charges.

View a summary of our FRF charges via the links provided: Canada or U.S.

FRF will be added to all invoices as a separate line item. The FRF rate will be a percentage of the overall ticket amount and will be calculated based on the rates noted above, as of the date of service.